Consumer products

Consumer products

CPP's portfolio of assistance products are distributed across the financial services and telecommunications sectors in the UK and overseas.

Our products help to provide security for our customers worldwide and are designed to make everyday life easier to manage. Our core products provide assistance, protecting items that are important to our customers.

Our contact centre operations support 4.4 million policies across the UK and Ireland, Europe and Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Our existing customers can visit our consumer website here.

Product information is available on our new consumer website here.

Card Rescue

Card Rescue is a membership service that gives you 24/7 assistance to cancel your lost or stolen cards and sort out replacements for you and up to four additional members registered at your address. One free call to our Emergency Assistance team removes the hassle quickly and easily, leaving you free to get on with things.

Card Protection

Report lost or stolen cards with one call from anywhere in the world. Key features include card cancellation and re-issue, emergency cash advance, protection for keys, valuable document replacement, handbag and wallet replacement.

Identity Safe

Provides consumers with a comprehensive range of assistance services that help customers detect, prevent and resolve identity fraud. The key assistance features include a consultation with an identity fraud specialist to identify any immediate and long term risks, web surveillance, unlimited access to credit reports, and a dedicated fraud specialist to help prove that a fraud has taken place. Should they need to go to court in order to clear their name, they are provided with a dossier of evidence to support their case.


Comprehensive insurance cover for mobile devices. Policies include cover for loss, theft and breakdown outside warranty and accidental damage.

Packaged Accounts

Products and services sourced from CPP’s own product range and from third-party providers to create a ‘package’ tailored to customers’ requirements. Products and services can range from roadside assistance to travel insurance and are primarily used in current accounts.

Travel Assistance

Travel support services, including passport assistance, translation service, and a lost-and-found luggage service.

About CPP

Focused on assistance products and services

CPP is an international assistance business operating in the UK and overseas within the financial services and telecommunications sectors.

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Business model

We primarily operate a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) business model. The Group provides products to customers through Business Partners and direct to consumer.

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Business Partners

The Group provides services and products to customers through Business Partners.

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Visit our new consumer website

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CPP operates across in the UK and overseas in the UK and Ireland, Europe and Latin America and Asia Pacific.